Tank ACE Dmitriy Lavrinenko: how many tanks he knocked out

Heroes 21/12/19 Tank ACE Dmitriy Lavrinenko: how many tanks he knocked out

the Most successful Soviet tank of the great Patriotic war is Dmitry Fedorovich Lavrinenko. He fought in the 4th (later 1st guards) tank brigade and his crew knocked out a German tank 52.

what is a tank ACE?

unlike aviation, where the notion of as — fighter pilot, personally shot down at least five enemy aircraft, a clear concept of who the tanker-AC — does not exist.

first, unlike fighter aircraft, tanks, controls and is fighting a crew of several people. Second, unlike aviation, clear and uniform system of the account of the loss of the enemy was not, as it was not conducted and records destroyed armored vehicles each crew.

Therefore, the existing lists of ACE is composed of historians. Moreover, the number of wins a particular tank more often is not taken from objective sources and from the media and memoirs. As a result, in recent years, in connection with the emergence of freely available archival documents, many details have been refuted. And we are talking not only about Soviet tankers, incorrect data is detected among the representatives of other countries.

first and foremost, do not correspond to official data incredible stories about the destruction in one battle a half dozen or more tanks. This Soviet tank Kolobanov, Sholokhov, poet, and German Michael Wittmann at the battle of Villers-Bocage.

the Reasons for this discrepancy in result two.

first, it is impossible to accurately account for losses. On the battlefield, the enemy tanks are inciting not only tanks but also infantry, artillery, pilots. We should not forget the bomb squad, since the mines gave the greatest number of losses. Same to determine exactly what hit the tank, sometimes extremely difficult. And if still to consider that in addition to destroyed tanks, there are tanks lined the concept that moglee to be returned to duty the same day, the calculations become even more complicated.

secondly, the enemy’s losses are inflated for propaganda purposes and sometimes for personal gain.

Dmitry Lavrinenko

the Question about how many tanks knocked out Dmitry Lavrinenko, from the very beginning complicated by the fact that there is no source of where these tanks were counted. An official document, which would indicate his victory as no published, and in various descriptions detailed data are not available. Actually, no and the total number of them lined with German tanks. Currently, all sources indicated the tank 52. But the correspondent of the newspaper Pravda, Yuri Zhukov, wrote “…the hardest was to know that there is already in the world brave tanker Lavrinenko. Forty-seven tanks destroyed this young man…”.

In the submission the title of Hero of the Soviet Union stated that “During the period of the fighting at Orel and in the Volokolamsk direction crew Lavrinenko destroyed 37 heavy, medium and light tanks of the enemy…”

It was the 5th of December, and died Lavrinenko 18th. By the way, the title of hero of him then and not given 22 December he was (posthumously) awarded the order of Lenin. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Lavrinenko was awarded only in 1990.

Since there is no information about when and how many tanks were destroyed, and to check anything is not possible. It is only possible to consider in General the operations in which he participated Lavrinenko. It’s the battle of Mtsensk, defensive fighting on the Volokolamsk direction, and the attack in December on the same Volokolamsk direction.

the Battles at Mtsensk

According to Soviet data, in the battles at Mtsensk, the 4th such team under the command of M. E. Katukova destroyed 133 German tank. Of them whether 7, or 19 tanks knocked out the crew Lavrinenko. The most common figure of 11 cars.

losses of the 4th brigade consisted of 28 tanks.

If the brigade destroyed hundreds of tanks, the share Lavrinenko could be the tenth part, but there are odbut the “but”. The fact that the 4th Panzer division to the beginning of the fighting on the 4th of October was 59 combat-ready tanks and 35 repair. Loss from the 4 th to 10 th October German data amounted to 18 cars, of which 10 were suitable for repair. Apparently, not considered one command vehicle, because the war diary of the 4th division of the mentioned about 19 destroyed tanks.

However, in the district of Mtsensk was the 3rd Panzer division. But, first, there is no data about the clash of the 3rd armored division with 4th brigade Katukova, secondly, it is necessary to consider that in addition to the 4th brigade fought there and 11 Panzer.

And in the battle for Mtsensk participated in the 34th regiment of the NKVD, reinforced by two batteries. This regiment claims to be 14 destroyed German tanks and 2 small tanks.

So it turns out that the number of tanks that are lined and the 4th tank brigade, and personally Lavrinenko, should be very substantially reduced.

Symanowski the area of the Volokolamsk direction

After the battles at Mtsensk, the 4th tank brigade, which became the 11 th November of the 1st guards, was transferred to the 16th army. Where he immediately took part in the attack on Symanowski foothold. In the fighting, according to Soviet sources, the 10th Panzer division lost 34 tanks (on the 11th of November the division was combat-ready tanks, 87). The Germans of these losses is not confirmed, but in any case, if you count all the tanks, which are claimed by the 1st guards, 27th and 28th tank brigades, not to mention the rest of the parts, it turns out a lot more.

Then followed the German offensive on 16 November, in which the brigade Katukova fought on the site of the 316th division of General Panfilov. In these battles, according to different sources, the crew Lavrinenko incited from 6-8 tanks in one battle.

It is not very convergent with Soviet documents. So it is alleged that on 17 November Lavrinenko in one battle, he shot down 7 German tanks, and the other 6. But according to the operational report of headquarters of the 16th army 17th Nov 1st guards tank brigade reported two padded German tanks.

According to German data for the 16-18 th November lost 4 tanks. Them besides guards Katukova expect and 28th tank brigade and artillery anti-tank regiments and the 316th rifle division. That is, if you do not remember about “28 Panfilov”. According to German data the tanks were blown up by mines.

…and more

it is Worth noting that in a tank brigade Katukova Lavrinenko was not only successful tanker. So, the crew of Konstantin Samokhin in the fighting on the beachhead Sarmanovskiy claim 6 destroyed tanks, and Eugene Luppov’s at 7.

According to Soviet sources in the battles at Mtsensk tankers-aces of the 4th brigade was hit: Grigory Lugovoy — 13 tanks, Pyotr Molchanov — 11 tanks, Alexander Burda — 10 tanks, Ivan Lyubushkin — 9 tanks. Even if we assume that the Soviet figure of 133 shot down by two German tanks are correct, all may not be enough. Apparently, all these data is not entirely true.

How many actually tanks knocked Kuban simple guy Dmitry Lavrinenko for his short front-line life, we will never know.

But the documentary evidence that is available shows that he was definitely among the best tank brigade Katukova in the autumn of 1941.

Cyril Shishkin

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