at the beginning there is Trouble. Shortly before North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un in his luxury hotel in Hanoi arrives, must be able to determine in advance the squad that there is already a large part of the U.S. press corps lives. Cameras everywhere, and headlights, and in the seventh floor of the White house has set up his media center.

In the Lobby, it comes to the heated debate between Kim’s bodyguards and hotel representatives. Finally, the American TV will be evicted Crews, the media center is closed, and the White house must be set up in the short term, a few streets further.


is, However, a few hours later, the arrival of Donald Trump in the Vietnamese capital briefly and painlessly. Thousands of onlookers line the streets as the motorcade of U.S. President rushes by, waving flags and shooting souvenir photos.

As an uprising Hanoi rarely seen: Two heads of state at once, and two – former – sworn enemies, which had long threatened with mutual destruction. On the sidewalks and at the corners of the bustling city centre, the armoured vehicles are stationed, while in front of the hotel late in the evening, the curious crowds flocking.

For all the stakes. Trumps and Kim’s first Meeting in Singapore was a PR Show, now you need to bring fassbarere success. Flowery declarations of intent are no longer sufficient. Without “concrete, verifiable progress on denuclearization,” as it is not only the US Democrats, would also be of this summit, a number of air.

For Trump will be to samples of these two days in sweltering Hanoi one of the most important probation of his presidency – at the same time, this week again will be overshadowed by the increasingly dramatic scandals at home. But Trump loves the risk: He should have promoted this summit – with a view to the elections.

The White house kept the Details of the program because, until recently, under lock and key. On Wednesday evening (local time) to greet Trump and Kim for the first time, followed by a Dinner at the legendary Hotel Metropole, in the dozens of heads of state and crowned heads descents. The schedule for Thursday, however, was still open.

More at LEVEL+ nuclear summit in Vietnam to offer What Kim and Trump

As a further venue, the guest house of Vietnam, which is still government. This Colonial is loaded with a lot of symbolism, the fence of bullet dents from bullets are visible to this day. The famous locations to suggest to the visitors from Pyongyang that North Korea is on a similar path of Isolation, such as for Vietnam, from the shared enemy of the state to the thriving friends of the country.

No one knows what both

However, Delegation has a positive answer to the question, what is Trump and Kim here at all – and how. The Singapore Declaration named four vague desire objectives: improved relationships, an end to the Korean war, “complete” the denuclearization of North Korea, Return of U.S. war dead.

Since then has done little. Agreed not even to a Definition of “denuclearization”. “I hope the talks bear fruit,” tweeted Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the loudest cheerleaders Trumps, “because you are our last, best Chance to end the nuclear conflict with North Korea in a peaceful manner.”

in Addition, everyone has his own muddled Agenda. The plans of the Americans to change, for example, depending on who you ask. Since Singapore Trump even moves bar the measurement.

Time, he is, most recently just before the departure to Hanoi, on the complete denuclearization of North Korea, he has “no particular hurry”, he already speaks of a “great summit,” he added promptly: “But maybe not.” His advisors struggle, this Back and Forth as to conceal the negotiation line.

Also Trumps chief advisors are divided on what you want to accomplish, and how. Even the outwardly optimistic foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, who is also here, has the U.S.-according to media reports, private doubt.

Kim looks for international recognition and the end to the sanctions. The U.S. intelligence services doubt, however, that he would ensure its nuclear program is for victims. “The Regime is determined to develop a nuclear long-range missile that would pose a direct threat to the United States,” said CIA Director Gina reel the Congress. Also, it is questionable whether it would engage with Kim on a foreign inspection of its Arsenal. But Trump doesn’t listen to his spies, if they come to his interests in the way.

compliments and flattery

A compromise could be a peace Declaration to end the Korean war formally and, if necessary, the opening of a U.S. Embassy in Pyongyang. This could sell especially for Trump’s home as a historic success. He often hints that he deserve, like his predecessor, Barack Obama, a Nobel peace prize, because he – so he claims – have ultimately prevented a nuclear war.

in the meantime, Trump and Kim with compliments and flattery overwhelm. Like a “lovey-dovey Teenager,” the Washington Post, show Trump like Kim’s “love letters”. Therein, prices Kim the endurance and wisdom of more than double the old US President. In return, Trump North Korea’s people ignored violations of the law.

Some doubt that the diploma will lead to romantic bill and COO to the target. Trump would run the risk of seeing the conflict through a “rose-colored glasses” and Kim out of no concessions, said Ned Price, the Ex-spokesman of the security Council, Obama, the “New York Times”.

Mitoji Yabunaka, a sub-dealer of Japan in previous negotiations, warned of a “half-baked, deceptive agreement”: that, he said the economic services, Bloomberg, would be a “nightmare scenario”.