To avoid vaccination against the corona virus, Andreas and Anna Egler went into hiding in Paraguay six months ago. They had taken their two daughters with them without consulting the other parents. Now the lawyer for the bereaved mother announced that the couple wanted to turn themselves in. “Living on the run wasn’t what they wanted,” he said.

His partner, Ingo Bott from the Düsseldorf law firm “Plan A”, also confirmed that the couple from Germany, who went into hiding with their two daughters in South America, intends to present themselves to the Paraguayan authorities in the coming days. “It’s all bagged up. We are in constant contact with the authorities,” Bott told dpa on Wednesday on the way back from Asunción to Düsseldorf.

The “Spiegel” had made the case public at the end of May. The father of one girl and the mother of the other girl are married to each other in a second marriage. In November last year, they emigrated to Paraguay with their two children to circumvent the corona measures in this country.

Since then, a nationwide manhunt for child abduction has been running against the fugitive couple. According to the Paraguayan public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant has been issued by the international police agency Interpol.

According to the lawyers of the parents who remained in Germany, there had been several telephone calls in the past few days.

After the couple’s car was found in the border area between Argentina and Paraguay, the fugitive family released an emotional video. According to “Spiegel”, the children emphasized that they were in Paraguay voluntarily. The parents also asked the authorities to stop the search.

Now, however, there have been “fruitful talks,” the lawyers’ letter said. Both parents could have phoned their respective children.