(Montreal) Unionized professors at Laval University and the institution’s board of directors have in turn accepted the agreement proposed by the government’s conciliator, thus ending the strike.

More than 800 professors gathered in a general assembly on Wednesday afternoon voted 92.6% in favor of the recommendation of the conciliator of the Ministry of Labor for the renewal of their collective agreement.

The Union of Professors of Laval University (SPUL) made the announcement in a press release at the start of the evening.

Later, the management of the establishment confirmed that its board of directors had accepted the proposed settlement tabled earlier this week.

The two parties have indicated that the unionized teachers will therefore return to work on Thursday, after a strike of several weeks.

“The continuity plans for the courses affected by the strike will be deployed quickly with the aim of completing the session in the best possible conditions for success,” Laval University said in a press release.

She wants classes to resume no later than next Monday.

According to the SPUL, “the members felt that the gains obtained at the bargaining table were sufficient” to give overwhelming support to the recommendation and thus end the strike.

The conciliator’s proposal contained a resolution concerning wages and the employment floor, in addition to including all the aspects on which the two parties had already agreed, mentioned the SPUL

The management of Laval University informs that it will hold a press conference on Thursday about the settlement and continuity plans.