It was the largest street design survey ever conducted in Germany. Together with Fixmyberlin, the Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab 2020 asked Berliners what the streets of the future should look like. More than 20,000 readers took part.

Now the project partner Fixmyberlin has published an interactive tool. On, the 1,800 different suggestions for street designs can be compared with each other – it differs, for example, whether the cycle path runs on the pavement, is separated from the street by bollards or is not available at all. At the same time, the overview shows how safe or unsafe the participants in the survey rated this street design. In this way, roads rated as particularly good can be compared with traffic routes rated particularly poorly.

The aim of the road check survey was to find out how roads and, above all, cycle paths in Berlin should be designed in the future so that not only planners and politicians feel comfortable with them, but also the people who use them. Detailed data on this was hardly available before the survey. Now the results can be explored by all participants and interested parties themselves.

Click here for the FixMyBerlin tool.