The Chairwoman of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, has called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) to convene a “National Ukraine Conference” as soon as possible.

In a letter from the FDP politician to Chancellor, which was available to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

The Ukraine war is in a crucial phase. “While the Ukrainian army bravely withstands a brutal Russian attack, trying to contain the Russian army and noting its own military successes thanks to our humanitarian, economic and military support, Russia continues to prepare for major offensives,” warns Strack-Zimmermann.

The FDP politician is calling for a meeting at which representatives from politics and the Federal Chancellery, the armaments industry, the trade unions and the Bundeswehr sit around a table and coordinate further steps. “The aim should be to get an orderly overview in order to initiate the next steps in a targeted, mutually agreed manner,” the letter says.

How long Ukraine can defend itself and how successful this will ultimately be depends “particularly on Germany’s support.” The federal government has done a lot, but “must do more to help Ukraine win this war.” Strack-Zimmermann: “Germany must assume the leadership role in Europe demanded by its Western partners and without a doubt move forward decisively and courageously.”

The FDP politician is one of the driving forces within the traffic light coalition with the SPD and the Greens for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, which has since been decided and has taken place, and which has long been controversial. In May, she asked Scholz to appoint a coordinator for arms aid to Ukraine in the Chancellery. Disagreements within government and with industry had previously given allies the impression of hesitancy and provoked open criticism.

“It must not be that at the end of the war the world perceives Germany as a complete brakeman and loser just because we are not able to organize and communicate,” said Strack-Zimmermann at that point.

Together with the Netherlands, Germany has now handed over 12 of the modern Panzerhaubitze 2000 to the Ukraine. Both states want to increase the number to a total of 18 self-propelled howitzers, enough for a complete Ukrainian artillery battalion. In Germany, Ukrainians are currently being trained to use the Mars II rocket launcher, the next weapon system to be deployed. The delivery of ammunition of all kinds to Ukraine is considered to be a key factor in order to be able to withstand the attack that has now been expanded by Russia.