(Quebec) The Government of Quebec is setting up a public consultation platform which, he says, will help it target priorities in order to reverse the decline of Quebec’s official language.

Quebec reports that this decline was illustrated by data from the 2021 census from Statistics Canada which reveals that the use of the French language is in decline in Quebec.

The consultation platform is offered in the form of an online questionnaire to collect the ideas of the population to ensure the future and sustainability of French. Researchers, specialists, organizations and civil society groups will be invited to submit a brief.

The Government of Quebec is planning more than $87.9 million to raise public awareness of the decline of French, monitor the evolution of the linguistic situation in Quebec and ensure the application of the Charter of the French language.

French Language Minister Jean-François Roberge says he will also consult with opposition parties.

The steps are part of the work of the Action Group for the Future of the French Language, which will determine the major orientations of the Government Action Plan for the Future of the French Language, which will be unveiled no later than autumn.

The Action Group for the Future of the French Language is composed, in addition to Minister Roberge, of five of his colleagues: Christine Fréchette, Mathieu Lacombe, Pascale Déry, Bernard Drainville and Martine Biron.