The negotiations in the trade dispute between the United States and China. In Beijing, the U.S. won, Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, and trade representative Robert Lighthizer, with Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, the main economic adviser of President Xi Jinping. The goal: the conflict over the disputed customs agreements, if possible before 1. To solve the March.

For a year in the United States impose special duties of up to 25 percent to almost half of all Chinese exports. The Goods are worth about 250 billion dollars. China decided as a reaction to tariff increases in the amount of 110 billion dollars on U.S. imports. Background: Donald Trump interferes with the high US deficit in trade in goods with China and accuses the people’s Republic of unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft. China denies this.

at the beginning of December, the US President had a 90-day “truce” in the trade dispute announced. There is, however, up to 1. March is no Bargain, it is going to increase day duties on Chinese imports to the value of $ 200 million of ten to 25 percent. Now, Trump hinted that he could move this Ultimatum, if the talks in Beijing were good.

A media report noted that Trump thinks about, to extend the deadline to 60 days. So the talks could be given more time, reported the Agency Bloomberg, citing in particular-called Insider. Economists and business people believed of the Agency, not to a breakthrough in the two-day talks in Beijing. The Chinese negotiators, rather, is to convey to the US President and the impression of sufficient progress, in order to reach a deadline shift, so the economic experts.

China’s exports surprisingly

grown Contrary to the market expectations and in spite of the trade dispute, China’s exports to the beginning of the year have increased. You rose in January to 9.1 percent year-on-year, showed government data on Thursday. At the same time, imports declined 1.5 percent. The trade surplus thus amounted in January 39,16 billion dollars. Analysts had expected that both exports and imports falling for the second month in a row. China’s exports to the US fell in January by 2.4 percent, the imports from the United States plummeted 41.2 percent.