The fish has been estimated to weigh around 400 pounds

Talk about the catch of a life .

A fisherman at South Carolina recently reeled in a Goliath Grouper that he estimated weighed around 400 pounds.

On Thursday, Tallboy Fishing Charters posted a video of the Massive fish being reeled in on Facebook. In accordance with WJCL, the charter was fishing off the shore of Hilton Head Island along with the charter Richard Pollitzer filmed the clip.

“You work your whole life in the ocean for a moment such as this,” the caption on the clip said, in part.

According to the post, the fishermen were searching for monster sharks when something ate their lure.

“It did not act like a shark but I could not imagine it would be anything else,” the article said. “It had been the last thing I expected to see come up after an hour fight.”

“I’m estimating the weight to be in the neighborhood of 400lbs?” The post lasted. “Of course having never captured one or even seen one I might be off a bit. Wow. I am still in disbelief. Needless to say it put wind in Adam and I’s sails to continue pushing.”

The charter also said it was the very first Goliath Grouper”ever caught inshore at Beaufort County,” however, in follow-up post on Saturday, the charter stated that two other Goliath Groupers had been caught

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Goliath Groupers can weigh up to 800 pounds.

In case a Goliath Grouper is captured, it must be published.

The fish has been nominated to be considered an endangered species in 1991 and was recorded as a”species of concern” afterwards, NOAA stated.

In 2006, Goliath Groupers were eliminated by the species of concern list, but they stay banned for harvest.