Some Russians fought on the side of the poles in the Warsaw uprising

History 06/01/20 Which the Russians fought on the side of the poles in the Warsaw uprising

According to the Warsaw historical Museum, in the uprising of 1944 was attended by 40 thousand people, among whom were not only poles, but also foreigners. At the Warsaw barricades and fought the Russians. Their exact number is unknown, but Polish historians could find information about 60 fighters. The most famous member of the fighting was Viktor Bashmakov, who led the “Russian platoon”. He’s the only Russian, whose name is carved on the memorial Wall of the Museum of the uprising.

Russian volunteers

In the Central prison on the street Danilowiczowska and in the suburbs of Warsaw contained hundreds of Soviet border guards taken prisoner by the Germans in the first minutes of the war. In the beginning of the “Warsaw uprising” gendarmerie rebels, which was called “Canary” released the prisoners and gave them complete freedom of action. Russian prisoners for the most part were military and joined the ranks of the rebels.

the Soviet soldiers and officers singly and in groups was part of the Polish troops who were fighting the Central districts of Warsaw, the Old Town and Zoliborz. Two dozen border officers fought in the 1st company of the III battalion of AK. The names of the soldiers has not survived, but in the Polish reports were their call signs – “Tank”, “Pomegranate”, “Airplane”.

had the name of the battalion commander of the 3rd division of the Polish army, Sergei Kononov, who was born in the village new Petrovsky the Amur region. After the war, the uprising could remember the names of the Russian comrades: Nikolay Kozyrev, Evgeny Malkina, Mikhail Nazarov, Grigory Semenov. Fighter battalion “Brave II”, Henry Ligocki, remembering the desperate Russian who introduced himself as simply Bear. He served in the SS and moved to the side of the uprising.

In the book “When lie was a virtue,” author Danuta Slavinskaya writes about Russian military doctors who escaped from the Germans treated the Polish insurgents. ThisAli of them: Colonel Alexander Anikeyev, the doctor and the Devils, the captains of Stills and Bazanov.

a Platoon of Victor Bashmakov

From the first days of fighting as part of the company Jerzy Zdrodowski with the call sign “Kwarciany” fought Russian platoon. The exact number of fighters is unknown, but found that they were part of operational group “Zubr” of the home Army. Fought the detachment in the area of Żoliborz quarter and were in command of the Russian volunteers Viktor Bashmakov, which was given the nickname “Engineer”.

According to the memoirs of Russian poles fought desperately and did not regret. The last battle platoon Bashmakov has taken, defending the territory of the Warsaw Creamery. On 30 September the Polish command began negotiations with the Germans about surrender. It became clear that the rebels were defeated. The Russian squad holding the Fort at the factory, joined in the broken detachments of the poles.

At the military Council it was decided to break through on the left Bank of the Vistula. The rebels broke into small groups and individually tried to get out of the environment. On the opposite Bank and crossed only group Jan Benkovsky, of the 80 people who survived two dozen. Fighters “Engineer”, armed with multiple PCA and captured German weapons in the night from 30 September to 1 October, took a break. Russian no one survived.

Viktor Bashmakov was born presumably in 1916 in Simbirsk, later renamed Ulyanovsk. Early in the war he served as a senior Lieutenant of border troops and was taken prisoner by the Germans. From the camp the officer ran and hid from the gendarmerie in the suburbs of Warsaw, where he joined the Polish resistance.


a lot more Russians fought on the German side. Murders and robberies became famous 29th Waffen Grenadier division of the SS RONA. 1700 the volunteers, headed by Bronislaw Kaminsky participated in the massacre in the Warsaw area called Hunting. The level of violence, hosted by Russian Legionnaires, surprised even the Germans. When accustomed to a lot of SS-obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach, demanded Kaminskigo to reason with his people, he replied that in Russia his men had lost all their belongings and have the right to plunder the poles.

Germans have lost faith in your ally and shot him. Also the revolt of the poles suppressed the Legionnaires of the division “Galicia”, the Caucasus and the Muslim SS battalions. “Famous” and the Pro-Nazi Cossacks. Against the poles fought 5th Kuban Cossack regiment, 3rd Cossack cavalry battalion 57th security regiment, 69th Cossack battalion 3rd cavalry brigade of the “Cossack camp”, 572 th Cossack battalion and 209 th Cossack police battalion.

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