presented by The U.S. aviation company Boeing has a security update for its controversial aircraft type, the 737 Max 8. The group presented the revised program in front of more than 200 pilots, Engineers and technical staff as well as representatives of the media in its plant in Renton, in the U.S. state of Washington. After two devastating plane Max-8 crash of Boeing 737 Jets have made a large number of countries, a start prohibition for the type of aircraft.

10. March crashed a 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa. All 157 people on Board had died. In the crash of an aircraft of the same type of Indonesian airline Lion Air in front of the island of Java, had died in October last year, 189 people. The crashes had Similarities.

According to investigators, the automatic trim system, MCAS played a crucial role in the disaster in Indonesia. The on Board computer should have pushed the nose of the jet down, while the Crew tried in vain to counteract. MCAS is supposed to prevent a stall. Also in Ethiopia, the Software should have problems.

Boeing’s head of development Mike Sinnett brought before the conference now is an extensions, which are intended to make the MCAS Software more secure. The program is now to get from multi-sensor data to flight angle, instead of a single. Due to the risk of wrong information by a defective Sensor that was considered a major point of criticism. The program still needs to be approved by the Supervisory authorities. With the software extension of the aviation group responds to major criticism. At the same time, the company stresses the MCAS is a total but not a safety risk.

pilots to additional training received

in addition to the Update, Boeing wants to increase the safety of the 737-Max series with new alarm features in the Cockpit and additional Training for pilots. In order to detect better when the MCAS-engages the System and how to disable it in case of doubt. “We work with customers and regulators worldwide to have confidence in the industry to recover,” said Sinnett.

representatives from Boeing and the US aviation safety authority, FAA must face up to the middle of the week during a hearing in the U.S. Senate the questions of the deputies. The FAA is suspected to have approval for the 737-Max Jets are important parts of the safety audits to the group. The case is already being investigated by the inspector General of the Ministry of transport.