CSU boss Markus Söder takes the red-green-yellow federal government to court. “The only true thing the traffic light coalition has in common is their desire for re-education of the German population,” said Söder of “Bild am Sonntag”.

“The social turning point of the traffic light is directed against the majority of ordinary people. It’s always about coercion instead of freedom.” He accused the FDP of supporting “left-wing politics”. “Basically, there is no longer any difference between the Greens and the FDP,” said Söder, who is also Bavarian Prime Minister.

Among other things, the CSU chairman criticized: “It is wrong to compulsively prescribe gender. It is wrong to make government guidelines on nutrition. It is wrong to legalize drugs like cannabis – the left is demanding it even for hard drugs like crystal meth.”

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann defended his party on Twitter on Saturday evening against Söder’s allegations. “I like hard arguments with facts and arguments. False allegations of fact do not belong in the repertoire of democrats,” wrote the FDP politician there. “Where did the @fdp agree to new regulations on “gender” or “nutrition”? That’s “Schmarrn”, as they say in Bavaria!”

Söder also complained to the “BamS” that the traffic light coalition disadvantaged the south of the republic. “The traffic light coalition turns out to be more and more a North German construct. The south is increasingly being ignored. We sense a Bayern bashing and even the Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann doesn’t really get through to his Green party friends.”

National funding in the areas of transport and science would be reduced or would suddenly be put to the test. “It was also a conscious decision not to take any ministers from Bavaria.”