“I’m not Worried that Kevin Kühnert with his demands. But what I find not good on the System: The stock exchanges-capitalism is based solely on share price increases and those that speculate. The related remuneration for managers is often not acceptable. The are no entrepreneurs, the employees, the control part itself, or to each other. For example, Axel Weber, the, I guess, by the way, as Chairman of the Board of Swiss Bank UBS, not as your Chairman of the Board – five million euros, which is not to convey employees to and leads to a questioning of the whole system. A statutory solution would not help, that also did not work for the banks. I would hope that the industry itself indicative values of how much a boss in comparison to the average in a company should get. I would say that If today, someone in a smaller company two million euros in the year, and in a larger five million euros, then that is okay. Anything between five and ten million would have to be well-founded. I would draw the line. If a Manager then says: ‘but I have increased the stock market value’, then you can say: you’ve done quite well.”

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