Sint-Genesius-Rode, Sophie Wilmès (MR), that is, for the second time in less than ten years, and a resident of Sint-Genesius-Rode, – the prime minister of the country. In december 2008, Herman van Rompuy, president Of her.

In december 2008, Herman Van Rompuy (CD&V) prime minister’s office. He would continue to work until the 25th of november, 2009, and a month later the first president of the European Council. He, who would be in this position until the end of 2014. Van Rompuy was a in 2017, in his career, have been appointed to the honorary citizenship of Sint-Genesius-Rode.

See also the ‘Sint-Genesius-Rode for the second time in ten years’ time, the prime minister, Three Wilmès may occur in the life of a freeman, Herman van Rompuy, president Of

Sophie Wilmès (44), it is not the first Rodenaar who is the prime minister of Belgium, but do not be proud, because she is the first woman to ever be the ” others.” In local politics, she was in the schepencollege is the only woman in the meerderheidslijst IC-GB where, MR is in the Red part of it. In 2007, she was the ships, and gave them, among other things, the authority’s Finances are under her care. That seemed to be destined for, she has specialized in financial matters. After a master in applied communication, department of Advertising, at the IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Communications Sociales), I have to get to work with the European Commission, the financial administrator, wrote on her website. “Then I have an evening school to a degree in Financial Management, graduated from the Institute of Technology of Saint-Louis, before I started to work with, as well as economic and financial advisor at a law firm.

It is once again a Rodenaar to be the most important political office in the country. However, Herman Van Rompuy, president, and Sophie Wilmès presented in a very different political course.

Rising star

She lay in her deputy burgomaster’s office because they have decided that even the job of a consultant is “on hold” to begin with when they take the oath laid down as a ship. In 2015, she made her belgian debut in politics when she was the minister of the Budget and the civil service Tribunal was established. When she was up for a lot of the Flemish people is an unknown, but it is within her party, she was already a rising star. Over the last few weeks, it was in her name, but all of the scenes said to be the successor of the partijgenoot, Charles Michael. In the schepencollege took over in 2015, the Charles-Emmanuel van der Straten (ICT GB) in its term in office, when the prime minister was. This government put Nicholas Kuczynski (ICS-UK), the oath of, as to ships, as a substitute of Wilmès. It continues to be the city are.