Berlin’s Senator for Justice, Lena Kreck, sees initial successes in combating sexist advertising in the capital. According to the left-wing politician, the new jury received 19 reports against discriminatory and sexist advertising in the first five months of this year.

That is almost as many as in the whole of 2021. “Advertising helps to shape social ideas. I am therefore particularly pleased that the jury has now established itself and has also gained notoriety,” said Kreck of the German Press Agency.

In 2020, the Berlin Senate decided to take even more consistent action against sexist advertising. The new jury, which began its work last year, should help with this. The ten honorary members come from the areas of administration, business, education and science. There is a contact point for those affected. An online form should make it possible to make a complaint as uncomplicated as possible – also anonymously.

As can be seen from the panel’s first activity report, a total of 22 complaints against discriminatory and sexist advertising were received in 2021. In 18 of these cases, the jury was locally and factually responsible. “A majority of the complaints have related to motifs that present women in a sexist and derogatory manner.

“Such performances as decorative and purchasable objects deny women humanity and dignity,” said jury chair Gabriele Kämper.

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As an example, the report cites depictions of women without any product reference whatsoever, in which a woman in underwear is used to advertise drywall, doors and windows.