The alleged serial sex offender Samuel Moderie, who allegedly drugged several women he met on Tinder and Badoo with a powerful sleeping pill, allegedly killed three more victims, bringing to 15 the number of women who fell into his trap.

The Crown filed ten new charges on Wednesday against the 28-year-old man from St-Zotique, who now faces 43 counts of sexual assault, voyeurism, administering a drug to overcome the resistance of its victims, theft of property and possession of drugs.

“We will oppose his release,” Crown Attorney Jérôme Laflamme announced shortly after filing the new charges against Moderie at the Montreal courthouse.

These three new victims were reportedly assaulted in Longueuil, Mirabel and Joliette. Samuel Moderie also allegedly committed assaults in Montreal, McMasterville, Brownsburgh-Chattam, St-Jérôme, throughout 2022 until his arrest on February 1, 2023.

Publication bans prohibit us from naming the alleged victims. Two of them have, however, agreed to speak publicly about their attack, hoping that other potential victims will file a complaint with the police.

“We exchanged a few messages on Badoo, and he seemed very charming to me. Before we met for the first time, he asked me what I liked to drink,” says Caroline*, a woman from the Laurentians who was allegedly assaulted in early January.

They then moved to the victim’s home with a few friends aboard Moderie’s black Mitsubishi Lancer.

The rest of his evening is an almost total blackout. Her friends left, and she remembers three flashbacks of the assault, including one where she asked him if he had put on a condom while he was on top of her. “He said to me, at the point where we are, I think we give a fuck.”

The next day, the attacker had already left her house when she came to her senses. She realized that Moderie had stolen $50 from her by Interac transferring the money to herself from her bank account, probably by unlocking her phone with her finger while she was unconscious. He would then have used his personal email address to complete the transaction.

” I don’t understand. He didn’t need to drug me, because at first I was willing to have sex with him. He didn’t give off anything negative,” Caroline said.

“It makes me angry. It forced me to put my sex life on hold for quite a while. »

“If there are other victims, I wholeheartedly want them to come forward. He has to pay for what he did,” Caroline says.

Alexandra, another alleged victim in Montérégie, says she also met Moderie on Badoo, just before Christmas. “He was very nice, and I wanted to meet him even though he wasn’t so much my type. The suspect also asked her what she liked to drink before their first meeting, which was to take place at the restaurant. A storm changed plans, however, and Moderie arrived at the victim’s house on Friday evening with a take-out meal and cans of gin cocktails.

“He was charming. He started a fire, we talked for a long time, and little by little, we drank the cans. I saw him drink from my glass, and I have a vague memory of us kissing,” Alexandra recalls.

The rest is absolute nothing. “I woke up on Sunday just before 11 a.m., lying on the couch.” Video taken by a neighbor’s surveillance camera allegedly shows Moderie stealing the license plate from the victim’s vehicle just before leaving the home in his black Mitsubishi. “Other victims said he stole things from them, as if he wanted to keep a trophy,” Alexandra said.

On Saturday, while Alexandra was still under the effects of the drug allegedly administered by Moderie, her mother came to bring her two young children, whom she had babysat the day before. Alexandra has no memory of it. “The children were on their own for several hours. Video footage shows they went outside to play. I have no recollection of it. It could have had very serious consequences, ”she denounces.

She has no memory of the sexual assault as such, and is awaiting the results of the forensic analysis to have the end of the story. ” It’s black. I don’t feel like I was raped, and it’s good if I don’t remember that. But it put me in “warrior” mode. I want to be able to look that guy in the eye and tell him his little game didn’t work out for me. »

Four of the alleged victims, who presumably appear in videos that Moderie filmed with his phone during his attacks, have still not been identified by the police.

Anyone who may have been a victim of Samuel Moderie is invited to contact the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal at 514 280-8502, to go to their neighborhood police station or to call 911 to register a complaint.

Samuel Moderie is 1.78m tall, weighs 80kg and has white skin. He has tattoos on his right arm and chest, speaks French, and has brown hair and brown eyes.