The Justice State Secretary Daniela Brückner (Greens) leaves Berlin. She announced this in an internal letter on Tuesday.

On June 30, she will “switch to the newly formed state government in North Rhine-Westphalia to work there as State Secretary in the green-led Ministry of Justice,” the letter says. She thanked the various departments of the judiciary – public prosecutor’s office, prisons, courts – for the “good support (…) for the common goal of a well-functioning administration of justice in Berlin”.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the CDU and the Greens agreed on a joint coalition and government after the state elections. Now Brückner is to work there for the Greens in the Ministry of Justice.

Sebastian Schlüsselburg, legal expert for the Linsk parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, did not want to comment further on Brückner’s departure. That’s up to the senator, he said. He left unanswered the question of whether he would be suitable for the role

FDP legal expert Holger Krestel said on Wednesday: “On Monday, the state secretary sat with Senator Lena Kreck in the special session of the legal committee of the House of Representatives to talk about the desolate IT in the judiciary. But she must have already known about her departure. Apparently she is now leaving the sinking ship.”

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Brückner was appointed Vice President of the Lichtenberg District Court at the beginning of 2019, and in autumn 2019 she brought ex-Justice Senator Dirk Behrendt into the judicial administration and made her State Secretary.

Since the takeover by Justice Senator Kreck (left), Brückner has been considered the last real expert in the management of the judiciary.

Justice Senator Kreck only said on Wednesday: “I would like to thank Daniela Brückner for the work she has done, especially for her commitment to information security in the Berlin judiciary.”

Now Kreck has to look for a new state secretary, but the Left Party lacks the staff. In the judiciary, there is growing concern that the administration of justice will continue to slide to the left.