ARCHIV - 27.04.2019, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Köln: Juror Dieter Bohlen kommt zum Finale der RTL-Castingshow "Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2019". (zu dpa "Dieter Bohlen über DSDS-Comeback: Brav werde ich bestimmt nicht sein") Foto: Henning Kaiser/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Before returning to the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, Dieter Bohlen claims not to have watched the season without himself – but with Florian Silbereisen as the senior juror. “I didn’t look for a second,” said the 68-year-old in the RTL star magazine “Exclusiv – Weekend”, which was broadcast on Sunday evening.

Did it hurt him too much? Interviewer Frauke Ludowig asked the pop producer in Mallorca.

“Yes. That just hurts. I’m very honest about that. And a show like that that was made for 18 years, I’d rather not watch it.” RTL announced last week that the upcoming 20th season of DSDS would be the last. To say goodbye, Bohlen returns to the jury.

Bohlen said the break did him good too. “It was a bit of a recharge for me and of course I was able to reflect on what I was doing all the time.” The pressure was also gone to always check the ratings on Sunday mornings. That’s a burden. “I didn’t always get it myself that I came across as so tough. I won’t bend over backwards, but I don’t want to be so hard.”

When he returned, Bohlen, who he said was very loyal, said: “The decision with RTL: There are people who would have paid more, I’ll put it that way. It was a pure heart decision, it was a pure emotional decision. I wanted to be on my team, I want these people.”