Torhout, The search for Kurt, Huberecht (53) and a friend, She Fiers (36) in his wed night complete stop. This is attested to in the Maritime Rescue and Coordination centre (MRCC) in Ostend, belgium. “The chances of survival are too small”, it could be that. “We have yet to see a glimmer of hope, but the chances of a good outcome, that is every minute of every day smaller and smaller,” he said, the dad is There early in the morning.

Kurt Huberecht of Torhout is not only a magician, also well known as a dj and a magician, under his alter-ego Kurt’s Katana. In 2016, it makes up for the West-Flemish have a successful turn in ‘Belgium’s Got Talent, “where he wholehearted ‘yes’to the’ s’ was on the jury, and a standing ovation from the audience got it. This was the man known as the manager of a café in the Place named “Magique”, and that he, along with his mother and ran.

The hope has been that they are above the water, and their duikersvest could blow up. In this case, apparently, they have one day to survive.

Dad of Natalie Fiers

please also Search for the diver stopped, still no sign of a man and a woman

One of his biggest passions was scuba diving. After his divorce, he learned She Fiers (36) to know that the woman with whom he has a passion for sharing. Between them, they have since Sunday afternoon been missing. The dad is There, that is for one year, went scuba diving, and all of its patents and has realized Monday morning that time is running out. “The search process was in this morning, started up again by a helicopter. In the afternoon, the sea woeliger, and it is even more difficult to find. There is still a lot, but it’s all a glimmer,” says the man. “The hope is that they will water and their duikersvest could blow up. In this case, apparently, they have one day to live.” A few hours later, the MRCC announced that all searches will be discontinued on the grounds that the survival rate is very small now.