, Animals In Florida, a sea turtle really well with the restore, after the animal became impaled by a spear. It’s not the first time that the united states is a turtle with a spear in it’s body is found. Earlier this year, there was a dead specimen was found with a spear right through the head.

It’s semi-adult animals, ‘Brand’ baptism was on Saturday caught in a net, found in Key Largo. The sea has since successfully operated. The spear, almost a meter long, it could be, despite the fact that the plan to construct more than one-half of the body from the turtle was gone. Brand is now stable and is being followed up.

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“She is active, and is doing very well in the water, and let the dedicated schildpaddenziekenhuis of the Marathon to know.””The Turtle Hospital” does not believe that it was a accident will. In addition to the sustained injuries of the left seems to be the strong one, the animal with a knife and tried to stab at the bottom. The organization hopes to Retreat quickly as the old one will be released that can be used.


sea Turtles are threatened with extinction and are protected in the united states. “Unfortunately, the man is sure that the very survival of these ancient mariners is becoming more and more difficult,” says the WWF. “They are being slaughtered for their eggs, meat, shell and skin. They suffer from poaching and over-fishing, their natural habitat is being destroyed and they have to get often accidentally caught in fishing gear.”

The last time the sea turtles in Florida, it’s still a hard time of it. So, earlier this month on the beach in Satellite Beach, sunburnt young men, and the eggs have been found. In June, it was in a Biscayne National Park sea turtle was found dead with a javelin through it’s head. That same month, south Beach in Miami Beach, a woman was arrested when she was caught as she is in a schildpaddennest on the pitch was.

There is always an investigation, the authorities will try out the as-yet-unknown perpetrators have to be found and stopped.