The State of Ohio has granted Scioto County a grant to construct a war memorial.

During Thursday’s County Commissioners meeting, Bryan Davis gave an update. He stated that the project was hit by numerous delays, including COVID-19-related problems.
“Many veterans from our county have worked on it for a while. Many great people, both men and women, make up the Southern Ohio War Memorial Foundation. They’ve worked hard to make this happen in our county,” he said, citing several veteran’s organizations that had contributed to the success of the project. We saw that the effort was stalled. It’s possible to have many barbecue dinners and so many bean dinners. But the enormous cost has been difficult.”

Davis stated that the commissioners were there to represent these groups before the state. He stated that commissioners spoke with Senator Terry Johnson, Representative Brian Baldridge. Davis stated that the process was often frustrating. “But we got it done.”

Davis stated that the project would use all local labor and materials manufactured in the USA, which will be supplied by a local business. It’s great. It’s exciting.

The memorial will be constructed outside Lucasville to honor the fallen in nine Southern Ohio counties. This memorial is not only for Scioto County. It is for the whole region.

Commissioner Cathy Coleman: “It’s a privilege do whatever we can to honor veterans.” All those who served in the past and are currently serving.

Scottie Powell, Chairman of the Commission, praised Davis. “I know that you have been working on this project since the beginning. There have been many hoops to jump through. Servicemen and women were wondering when it would happen. They have been hard at work towards this goal. It’s a wonderful project.

Davis stated, “We’ll build it and people will be able to reflect.” They will finally be able to honor our veterans. They’ve fought so hard for this and they deserve it.” He stated that it was sad that some veterans who had been so dedicated to the project died before it was complete. “This is also in their honor. They didn’t get to see their dream come true. It will be something that generations to come will enjoy.”