Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) has expressed understanding for the criticism of her long commitment to the German-Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. “I’m also critical of that today,” said Schwesig of the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” (Thursday).

From today’s perspective, dealing with Russia at the time and sticking to the construction of the controversial gas pipeline was a mistake. “We and I thought a dialogue could change things for the better. In this case, unfortunately, that was a mistake,” confessed Schwesig.

The establishment of the so-called climate protection foundation, which should enable the pipeline to be completed, was also a mistake. “With the knowledge I have today, I would no longer make that decision,” admitted Schwesig. The foundation was set up by the state at the beginning of 2021, with a state contribution of 200,000 euros, and the Gazprom subsidiary Nord Stream 2 contributed 20 million euros for climate protection projects.

As has now emerged, Nord Stream 2 had a direct influence on the wording of the foundation’s charter. Critics speak of a fake foundation in which climate protection was only intended to cover up the actual purpose of completing the gas pipeline while circumventing the threat of US sanctions.

The pipeline has now been completed, but was not allowed to operate because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. The aim of the state government is to dissolve the foundation, but there are still legal hurdles to be overcome.