After the completion of the police actions could be set of the man from the district of Rhön-grave field on which further investigations took over the course of the criminal investigation Department.

26-Year old false door

Unexpectedly received a visit on Wednesday evening, a 27-Year-old in his apartment in the Ludwig street.

Shortly after he had closed his apartment door, entered the Unknown the door.

In this case, the noticed well-Equipped and went without comment in the apartment on the floor and left the tenants confused.

narcotics to ensure

An alerted Patrol the Schweinfurt police the 26 to met-Year-old still in the apartment.

The officers quickly realized the man was clearly under the influence of narcotics and took him for further clarification provisionally in custody.

During a search in the office, the police found in a Bluetooth speaker for around 40 grams of amphetamine, a lesser amount of marijuana, and twelve tablets in which this is probably amphetamine.

The narcotics, as well as a one-handed knife and a pepper spray were the custodians of law and order for sure.

the next Morning, the police continued the 26-Year-old on foot, door-to-door damage is expected to be about 300 Euro.

further investigation leads the police in Schweinfurt.

the article is based on a press release by the police headquarters lower Franconia.

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