26.06.2022, Bayern, Elmau: Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD), dahinter Emmanuel Macron, Präsident von Frankreich, bei der ersten Arbeitssitzung zum Thema weltwirtschaftliche Lage während des G7-Gipfels auf Schloss Elmau. Deutschland ist Gastgeber des G7-Gipfels wirtschaftsstarker Demokratien vom 26. bis 28. Juni 2022. Am ersten Gipfeltag wird die weltwirtschaftliche Lage, der Klimaschutz und die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik mit den Sanktionen gegen Russland beraten. Foto: Sven Hoppe/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz underscored the unity of the G7, the European Union and NATO in view of the ongoing Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The G7, EU and NATO have stood together closely from the start and acted as one and resolutely when it came to supporting Ukraine against Russia’s brutal attack, said the SPD politician on Sunday at the meeting of the G7 group of economically strong democracies in Elmau, Bavaria .

“It’s safe to say that Putin didn’t expect this and that it’s still giving him a headache,” added the Chancellor.

The current rocket attacks on Kyiv show once again how brutal Putin’s war is, said Scholz. “This shows that it is right that we stand together and support the Ukrainians in defending their country, their democracy, their freedom of self-determination.”

Scholz said he had very careful bilateral discussions with US President Joe Biden that morning. There was agreement on the assessments of what should be done in connection with Ukraine. “Germany and the United States will always act together when it comes to security issues in Ukraine.” That has been the case from the beginning and will remain so in the future. They have reassured themselves of the joint approach and close cooperation.

Olaf Scholz has shown himself to be optimistic that the G7 countries will jointly find answers to the energy crisis resulting from the Russian war of aggression in Russia. In some countries there are falling growth rates, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials and supply chain disruptions. “These are no small challenges.” “And that’s why we have to take responsibility together. But I am very, very, very confident that we will be able to send out a very clear signal of unity and decisive action from this summit.”

With this unity, the risks can be tackled in a coordinated manner and investments and supply chains can be mobilized together. The first working session of the G7 summit focused on the state of the world economy. A session on global infrastructure followed in the afternoon, and in the evening foreign policy and in particular the Ukraine war were to be discussed.