Russians will pay dearly for migrants

7 years ago in the Duma wandered interesting bill. It was suggested to take charge of the Russian school children only those migrants who can prove that the work is not “black”, somewhere on ovoschebazah in Biryulyovo, and pay taxes.

the Project is indignantly rejected, transparently hinting that OKPDTR (all-Russian classifier of professions and positions) there is no position of “slave.” Among our guests from abroad a slave no tax, no official s/n And have children. “Welcome in ze school” to teach Russian as a foreign language.

So will not infringe the rights of those who go through the “green corridor” to enter Moscow state University and MGIMO. It is sacred. To violate the rights of Muscovites trying to move up in the capital’s kindergartens and schools for migrants.

What? Russian roly looks in the class the fifth corner, feeling like a guest in this “educational village”? Let’s forget about it. After all, overturned the conventions for citizenship of migrants and not article 292 of the criminal code, criminalizing the incitement of ethnic hatred.

If you leave kids alone, you can remember COVID-ing the spring of 2020, when the adult migrants had far more rights than the Russians who mercilessly made out at 6.3 and 20.6.1. Administrative code, writing out fines.

the questions about why migrants allowed to work, leaving them alone, and the Russians were forced to rely on the fact that one day they will be allowed to go outside us radiantly smiled Lord’s policemen.

Migrants were not touched. If you block them with cranes, they just start cutting local, like sheep. So I pretended that the natives of Central Asia have superhuman immunity, saving the visitors from the coronavirus. Migrant health is a separate issue. With them they brought a bouquet of exotic diseases from tuberculosis to HIV.

But when epidemiologists strongly suggest to close the border before a potentially dangerous migrants, the power of reason, urges them to open wider.

so, we held hostage by the workers?

Yes. And those who call them into the country, and secures the support of the electorate, and “scope of work” at the same time. In 1999, during explosions on Kashirke and in Buynaksk, will save us. This concern about us, the Russian, who now that mentioned in the Constitution, you will see very clearly and every. As the financial assistance in terms of coronavirus. As the hand of the rescuer, reaching for you from under a collapsed on your head the ceiling.

to Handle these complex processes can only a real leader. As it will be called? The President? The head of the state Council? The King Of All Al-Rus?

That’s another story.