Russian stove, and dairy: the young family left the city and went to cook cheese in the village, they queues

“Compound family Kholmanskikh” is a brand of dairy products that produced former Novosibirsk Maya and Stas Olmanskie. Today in the category “Small but proud business” we will talk about how to live and work beginning farmers. A year ago, they dreamed of a Russian oven and the cheese factory. Today, they are now doing baked milk and cook 20 varieties of cheese. Their small house in a picturesque place of the village Lashkargah Altai region is already becoming a landmark. Despite the difficulties of village life, the Stas and the Maya do not plan to return to the city. They have a small but steady list of customers who bought products. But most importantly — there are forces and desire to develop their business. Correspondents NGS visited their guest.