(Moscow) The Shiveluch volcano in the Russian Far East erupted on Tuesday, throwing a cloud of ash over a large area of ​​the Kamchatka Peninsula and posing a risk to air travel, according to local authorities.

The service in charge of monitoring volcanic eruptions in this remote region has issued an aviation code red, signaling that the ash cloud has spread hundreds of kilometers north and southwest of Shiveluch.

“ The eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 15 kilometers above sea level can occur at any time,” the service said.

“Ongoing activity could affect international aircraft and low-flying aircraft,” he added.

State news agency TASS broadcast video from the ground showing a huge cloud of ash spreading over nearby forests and completely obscuring the volcano.

Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Solodov said in a video posted on Telegram that schools would remain closed until further notice and doctors would be sent to “visit every house and apartment”.

Local authorities have advised residents to stay at home.

According to the local branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Shiveluch, one of the largest volcanoes in Kamchatka, threw ash nearly 20,000 meters above sea level.

The Kamchatka Peninsula, located in the far east of Russia, is sparsely populated. According to the Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program, fewer than 12,000 people live within a 100 kilometer radius of Shiveloutch.