Russia’s new missile system S-400 will be installed in the archipelago of Nova Zembla, in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic is a strategic region where Moscow’s presence in all of the areas in the last few years, with the strengthening it is.

The Northern Fleet of Russia, the Russian news agencies announced that the S-400 as a replacement to the older S-300 systems have been installed in the garden. That is replace “increased significantly in the control zone, the airspace in the Region,” said fleet.

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Russia is enhanced for several years in the military infrastructure in the Arctic, which has large oil and gas reserves it has. In moscow there are a number of modern bases, which are self-sufficient and able to function, and the new airport. In the areas of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk and the republic of Having all of the S-400 systems have been deployed. Russia also intends to the North-east Passage, will be a great handelsvaarroute between Europe and Asia. Which route is more useful because of the global warming and the melting of the ice.

at the End of August, he left for the first floating plant, the Akademik Lomosonov on a journey of 5,000 miles through the Arctic Ocean. The center for the economic development of the Region and the olieplatformen in the region of the flow.

The Russian gas supplier Novatek announced in July, are still well-known in just sixteen days for the gas to be supplied to China over waters in the Region. That is, one half of the period of time that is required to take the traditional route via the suez canal.