31.07.2022, ---, Sewastopol: Ein russischer Soldat bewacht das Hauptquartier der russischen Schwarzmeerflotte in Sewastopol. Auf der von der Ukraine beanspruchten Halbinsel Krim ist nach russischen Angaben in der Stadt Sewastopol der Stab der Schwarzmeerflotte mit einer Drohne angegriffen worden. Die Drohne sei in einem Hof des Stabquartiers eingeschlagen. Foto: Uncredited/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The Crimean metropolis of Sevastopol canceled all celebrations for Navy Day, which is traditionally celebrated in Russia, on Sunday morning. Governor Mikhail Rasvozhayev justified this by saying that the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet had been attacked with a drone. Six people were injured. The Ukrainian Navy denied this.

In reality, the Russians did not dare to hold the celebrations as planned for fear of Ukrainian attacks, according to a statement published on Facebook. “And in order not to embarrass himself in front of the whole world because he (the enemy) fears the armed forces of Ukraine, he invented a reason to cancel the events.”

The Russian side said the drone had hit the courtyard of the headquarters. Governor Rasvozhayev showed photos of destruction. “Early this morning, Ukrainian nationalists decided to spoil our Navy Day,” Razvozhayev wrote.

This information could not be verified by an independent party. Since the Russian war of aggression began a good five months ago, Russian authorities in regions on the border with Ukraine have repeatedly complained about attacks from the neighboring country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin put a new naval doctrine into effect on Naval Forces Day in St. Petersburg. Russia’s sea borders, including those in the Arctic and the Black Sea, were also defined there.

“We will ensure protection hard and by all means,” emphasized the Kremlin chief at a parade with warships on Sunday. At the same time, he announced that the new hypersonic naval missile “Zirkon” would soon be put into service.

Delivery of the missiles will begin in the next few months, with the frigate Admiral Gorshkov being the first to be equipped with them.

The new doctrine stated that the US quest for dominance of the world’s oceans was a “challenge to Russia’s national security.” The document, which Putin ceremonially signed, also stipulates that the military infrastructure on the annexed Black Sea peninsula of Crimea will be expanded.

According to the doctrine, the construction of modern aircraft carriers is also planned.

At the performance in front of thousands of spectators, Putin did not directly address the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. He thanked the Navy for its missions, which it has carried out for centuries, and praised its high level of defense readiness. Russia also has numerous warships deployed in the Black Sea in attacks against Ukraine.

Before his speech, Putin inspected the parade on a boat during a trip from Kronstadt to St. Petersburg under overcast skies and intermittent rain. Shortly thereafter, in a demonstrative act of signing, he also confirmed the naval doctrine.

Regarding the new hypersonic weapon Zirkon for the naval forces, Putin said that there were no obstacles for them. Their entry into service in 2021 was announced for the beginning of this year after reports of successful tests.