Work on the future pedestrian bridge of the Royalmount megaproject, which will overlook Décarie Boulevard, will begin on April 3. The construction site, which must continue until at least 2024, should cause its share of obstacles in the sector over the coming months.

All the interventions will be carried out by the teams of the project promoter, Carbonleo, the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MTMD) indicated on Monday, which will however ensure the supervision surrounding the required closures.

To carry out the work, several closures of the expressways and the Décarie Boulevard service are to be expected. These will be partial during the week, but full in the evening, at night and on weekends.

“The impediments will be clarified by way of press releases as soon as they are known. Detours will be marked with temporary signage. The ministry will make sure to coordinate the obstacles of this construction site with the other construction sites in the sector, “said the government on Monday, without giving more details on the extent of the congestion to be expected.

Ultimately, this footbridge, the cost of which is estimated at approximately 25 million, will directly link the Royalmount site to the De la Savane metro station, thus facilitating access to thousands of visitors.

In 2020, La Presse had also revealed that Carbonleo wanted to receive grants, loans or guarantees for expenses “related to the pedestrian bridge, the development of the roads and the guarantees required for the project”.

Initially, the developer claimed to pay the 25 million required for the pedestrian bridge spanning Décarie Boulevard himself. It also proposed to offer an electric shuttle system to facilitate travel on the site and potentially to the Canora station of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM).

As with all other construction sites, Quebec reserves the right to postpone the start of work “in the event of adverse weather conditions or operational constraints”. Remember that the Royalmount will host a total of 170 stores and about sixty restaurants. There will also be a 3 km linear park. Offices and theaters will eventually be part of the decor.

On the residential side, it is more complex. Shortly after his election in 2021, the new mayor of Mount Royal, Peter Malouf, made it clear that he opposed the residential component of the project.

It must be said that from the beginning, the Royalmount has not been unanimous. The lack of traffic congestion mitigation measures and the neighborhood disturbance apprehended by the management of Dollarama, whose warehouses and distribution center are located nearby, are among the criticisms leveled at the project in recent years.