In General, are connected to energy refurbishments for tenants and tenant with a rent increase. The largest German housing group Vonovia responds to the related criticism of the owners: Because the social acceptance for such investments “fallen dramatically”, would be cut significantly, said CEO Rolf Buch.

Vonovia has so far cost an average of seven percent of the energy modernization – for example, for the insulation of facades or the replacement of old window – annually on the rent allocated, and what cases had led to rent increases of more than three euros per month and per square meter. The group counts with a stock of about 400,000 mainly located in Germany, apartments Germany’s largest landlords.

“There’s no point if people want it,” said book. Therefore, a reduction of the energy efficiency investments by around 40 percent is planned. Vonovia had previously announced that in the current financial year of around one billion Euro, mainly in energy renovations, but also in new construction and roof increases invest. During the modernization rate was Vonovia so far, at around five percent of the housing stock, to reduce this value to about three per cent, it said.

Limited Mietaufschläge

From next year be allowed to kill homeowner after modernisation, only a maximum of eight percent of the renovation cost in the year instead of eleven per cent on the rent. Per square meter are permitted increases of up to three Euro. Where the rent is less than seven euros per square meter, must landlords turn to two euros per square meter.

Vonovia want to limit Mietaufschläge, the result of the renovation, in the future, generally speaking, to two euros per square meter. Thus, the Dax want to be sure-the group that tenants would not have to leave their homes as a result of the modernization-related increase in rents, said book.

The increasing abandonment on the energy-efficient modernization meant also a setback for climate protection, argues the company. The CO2 balance, especially from the Fifties, Sixties and seventies of the building will not improve as planned, although in many cases a fundamental modernisation of legends there was a need, said book. Vonovia will invest more in future in new buildings and in modernisation in Sweden, where the acceptance is far greater. The book estimated the total planned investment on every year, around 1.3 to 1.6 billion euros.