Road construction in New Moscow: seniors are afraid to remain without homes, and without compensation

Dozens of homes near the village of Yamontovo will be demolished. The place of clearing for the construction of the highway Belgrade — chip. But, according to local residents, the amount of compensation was below market value plots.

Family Todorovich lives here half a century. They are the owners of the site and the house. But soon everything here razed to the ground.

“Now we have it all want to take in connection with the construction of roads”, — said Vladimir Dudorov.

V. V. 71. In your household knows every nail.

“I Have no words. I’m here all his life repairing and trim,” says Vladimir Dudorov.

their home is an amazing destiny: it was built in the neighboring village, and when the family moved to Yamontovo, then transported and installed at the new location.

– We just kicked out of the house. We don’t know what we will be offered that will give money any or apartment.

the fact that their demolition, pensioners learned when on the site there are people with the roulettes. Then started to happen strange things: from documents have gone missing, their plot of 14 acres, and when he found, fell in 4 times.

“In 2018, according to the documents, our house cost 8 million. But on January 1, 2019, our house was worth 2 million. Maybe it is because we are to demolish, remove building, to pay less,” complains Larisa Dudorova.

According to the draft of the new four-lane road will take place right here, but to pave it now interfere with these houses. Officials found a simple solution: confiscated people’s land, and all that they have to send a bucket. The problem is that residents are still not announced, who and how will compensate for the damage caused.

Highway Voskresenskoe — of Karakasheva — chip promise to finish by 2022. In the area of building nearly a hundred sites.

“like as consuming, but the pay does not want. While I have no alternatives don’t offer,” says Tatiana Kromskaya.

To take the house and land for the construction possible under the law. In this case, the owner must pay fair compensation. But, according to lawyers, it doesn’t always happen.

“Quite common practice, when a municipality the assessment takes the cadastral value of the property. Such value may differ significantly from the market value in the smaller side,” — says the lawyer Alexander Shvetsov.

Officials responsible for construction, assure that everyone will pay the market value of land and houses.

“If he doesn’t want to take the money, he writes a letter that does not agree with the assessment and asked to provide him with alternative housing. As a rule, equal accommodation shall be provided indicated in the cost evaluation report”, — says Ivan Potekhin, Deputy Director of the civil code of Moscow moskvoreche.

Evaluation of sites still going. Meanwhile, the family Todorovich have already received notice of the seizure of land. They will be evicted, even if the amount of compensation they do not agree.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”