Rental rates : more Expensive always

Rents have risen significantly in recent years. In our interactive map, you can check the current prices per Square meter in your Region.

source: empirica regio / empirica-systems (2018)

Who sought in the past year, a new apartment, had to once again take price increases in the previous year, the newly leased square feet at a cost of in the middle of 7.02 euros cold. 2018 required Landlords already 7,36 euros – a Plus of 4.8 percent.

such As a exclusive analysis of data from the real estate service provider empirica-shows systems for TIME ONLINE, the regional differences are enormous. While the square meter cost in Munich cold 17,30 Euro, paid in the Saxon Vogtland district only 4.52 Euro. In the cold rent, no heating, hot water and other ancillary costs.

The differences have become over the course of time. For example, tenants in Straubing-Bogen in lower Bavaria suffered in 2014, an increase of the cold rent by 35.2 percent; in the Vorpommern-Greifswald, in contrast, Rents declined in the same period by 1.3 percent. Overall, the rents in Germany have increased in the past five years, by an average of 13.2 percent.

Especially high Rents in the so-called Top 7 cities Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. Those who have signed up to 2018, a lease, had to pay in the funds is 11.57 euros per square meter, a whopping 18.9 per cent more than five years previously.

In our map you can search for your area and the price developments of the 401 districts and cities to compare.