The German capital is on new students, apparently a great attraction. Berlin is, of all the German länder, the most popular, such as the Federal Statistical office informs.

In 2017, more people from other provinces moved to Berlin to study there, as the freshmen moved away from there.

But also other cities and provinces are in high demand. After Berlin with a gain of 4100 students Hamburg follows beginners with 3800 study. Behind the Hesse coming semesters, with an increase of 2300 and Saxony with a profit of 2100.

According to the statisticians, these provinces recorded the bottom line is that the greatest loss of freshmen:

lower Saxony (minus 6900), Schleswig-Holstein (minus 4900) Brandenburg (minus 2800) Rhineland-Palatinate (minus 2000)

There were, however, only entrants who have acquired their University entrance qualification in Germany.