The construction and management of the future sorting center for recyclable materials in eastern Montreal has been entrusted to the company Green For Life (GFL), Éco Entreprises Québec will announce on Monday.

The new sorting center will be built in the industrial park of the city of Montreal East, near the intersection of Sherbrooke Street and Durocher Avenue.

It will have to process some 150,000 tonnes of materials annually from the recycling bins of households and businesses served by the selective collection in the east of the island; materials from the West Island being processed at the Lachine sorting center, inaugurated at the end of 2019.

GFL has less than two years to deliver these new facilities, which will take over from the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex sorting center when the latter’s operating contract expires in the fall of 2024, and whose extension is excluded.

The company already owns the land and will be ready to develop it “in the very short term”, told La Presse Maryse Vermette, president and CEO of Éco Entreprises Québec, the non-profit organization representing companies. which put containers, packaging and printed matter on the Quebec market and have been entrusted with the management of the reformed curbside recycling system⁠.

GFL will start site preparation work in the coming days and will order some sorting equipment.

In order to avoid any interruption in the collection of recyclable materials, GFL had to present a transition plan, which foresees that recyclable materials will be sent to other sorting centers “for a short period” between the end of the activities of the center Saint-Michel and the start of those of the new sorting center, planned for the beginning of 2025, indicates Ms. Vermette.

GFL, which acquired Matrec a few years ago, is the “fourth largest North American player in waste management”, underlines the press release from ÉEQ.