The German tenants fear rent increases in the case of a Reform of the land tax. Association Director Lukas Siebenkotten was therefore behind plans by the SPD, the levy of business tax on the service charges. “The key question in the Reform of the property tax is the whether you can be killed. I hope to have a rethink especially in the case of Union politicians from Metropolitan regions,” said Siebenkotten.

The Minister of Finance of the Federation and the länder come together this Thursday in Berlin to discuss a Reform of the land tax. Your new rules by the end of 2019 is necessary, because the previous basis of assessment is outdated. The had decided the Federal constitutional court. The property tax, with a revenue of 14 billion euros in the year, one of the most important municipal revenue sources.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) is now planning a so-called value-dependent model. For tax calculation the age of the building, the value of the area and the average net to be used mainly on three points: cold rent.

lower Saxony Minister of Finance Reinhold Hilbers (CDU), showed little hope that it could come in the discussions to reach an agreement. “All must bring a willingness to change, otherwise it will be nothing,” said Hilbers, the German press Agency.

However, Bayern is against the Scholz proposed the model. “There must be no disguised property tax, this will not be to do with the Union,” said Jan-Marco Luczak (CDU), legal and real estate expert of the Union group. “The more value-based elements there are and the more Rent will be taken into account, the more difficult it is for the Union group, a Reform of the property tax to agree.” Bayern want a surface model in which the amount of Tax is oriented flat to the surface.

“revenue-neutral property tax is difficult to imagine”

“I can hardly imagine that the basic pay tax after the Reform, as planned, neutral,” said the tenants ‘ Association Director of the seven figurines to the forthcoming reissue: “Struggling cities have the opportunity to increase the business tax and the property tax, so that money comes into the Fund. You will benefit even more.” The property tax rate increases, but the land costs at the end of the operation in the case of the tenants. This could particularly Rent in urban areas are on the rise.

The tenants ‘ Association will soon launch a signature campaign so that the land tax can no longer be killed on the operating costs, said Siebenkotten. “The make in addition to costs, in the meantime, up to half of the total rent. The property tax is a part of it. The abolished.”

Similar to how the tenants ‘ Association also Left group Vice-Caren Lay argued. She warned also of the Reform of the property tax from rising Rents. “The reason tax reform is not allowed to drive the Rent higher,” said Lay. Therefore, the possibility to levy, the reason should be abolished, tax on the operating costs.