Animals, Nasty rats that are hiding in a dark basement, or suddenly at your feet and wegschieten say that it might be good. According to a German research team, the rodents were extremely fond of a game of hide-and-seek with the man. From their research, it appears that the rats are happy and laugh when they’re found, and they go happy as they are once again in hiding, in order to be able to continue to play.

In the name of science, a team of German neuroscientists a few weeks to young rats, in a room of 30 square meters. She wanted to study how the rats deal with the people. The room was filled with cardboard boxes, and other hideouts in order to determine how and why rodents are verschuilen.De the findings were published yesterday in the scientific journal Science.

What was the result? The rats were fond of it as a playful game of hide-and-seek. They made fun of the back-and-goings of the people, and were happy when, during the search, the researchers found. According to the scientists, were the animals are surprisingly good at the game, and they created a smart strategie├źnom to continue to play.

nervous Laughter and vreugdesprongen

When playing, hearing the researchers, in a device of giggles from the rats and when the rodents are found, they flew happily around them. According to the scientists, be it on the draw of the luck with the little beasts. Once it was discovered by the researchers, the animals do from time to time to re-hide, in which they revealed that they would like in order to play it.