Livios, With a cistern, you can save a lot on your waterfactuur. But did you know that you are on a regular basis, the well must be maintained in order to ensure the quality of both the well as absorbed water.Bouwsite Liviosgeeft you have five tips for you. Let’s get started! 1. Ga is not too light, about the size of well,

are You regenwaterputmag, not too big or too small. A large pit is not often enough. Because of this, it is possible that it is the quality of the water is reduced. A small pit is often empty, as it is a lot of it has to. So, if you rely on drinking water supplies. It is important to have a good work / life balance as a woman, as little of it as possible leegstaat, and one that’s often enough, and with enough rain water has been filled in.Read here to find out how big your cistern should be.

Ask an expert to find out what your a well, it should have been. The most important factors involved: the number of people who use the applications that your rain water is used, the size and the type of roof covering material, slope, etc.) from your roof, and in the time that you put leegstaat.

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2. Make sure good filters

are You regenwaterinstallatie is composed of a number of filters: prefilter, secondary filter, and if necessary, an activated carbon filter. The filter , which is usually located at the top of the cistern and to keep the most dirt out of your computer, such as leaves, twigs and branches. Sand and silt, and anyway, in you get rain to go.

The filter to make sure you have the best six-monthly report in order to see if there was anything hidden there. There is also a good fit to the filter while cleaning it, so that there is no film of the organic material in the filter. This prevents you from rain water through the drain can. Well, as a result of your gutters, you are risking to run over a security mechanism, sends the water directly to the drainage system and not towards the rain. There are also self-cleaning filters, but every now and then, as a control, it is not a luxury.

from The secondary filter , is located between the pump and the various outlets in your home. The filter does the final fine impurities from, for example, not to get sand in between your clothes and have been looking after a machine wash. The activated carbon filter gets any funny smells, and colors, from your storm water run off. This is to replace your semi-annual or annual basis.

Tip: :Safe, jedakgotenzeker semi-annually, or annually. Do you have a lot of trees around your house, and it is once again time for the falling leaves? Or maybe you’re just the bad weather is behind us? Have a look, anyway, once your staff is following.