data protection and false information scandals, the Online network Facebook, the business of the group have not impaired apparently. The Figures from the last quarter, Facebook introduced on Wednesday.

The network made in the Christmas quarter, a record profit of 6.68 billion dollars. In comparison to the prior year period, an increase of 61 percent. Such a comparison is not very meaningful, because in the previous year, the one-time tax on foreign profits in the Wake of the U.S. tax reform was due.

Meaningful revenue growth of 30 percent on 16,91 billion dollars. Also its users, Facebook was able to increase the numbers to nine per cent. According to the company at 2.32 billion people took advantage of on a monthly basis are actively using the network. Together with the services WhatsApp and Instagram, the group comes to 2.7 billion users.

the High costs of data protection slow the growth

the business results of the group exceeded the expectations of the markets. The Figures show that the platforms of the company are to continue to show customers highly attractive. Also the users of the scandals surrounding Facebook will not be deterred.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had promised, according to the Cambridge Analytica-data scandal, to pay more attention to the protection of privacy. In the fourth quarter have Facebook spent 9.1 billion dollars, against hoaxes and hackers. A total of approximately 35.600 people, 42 percent more than in December of the previous year working at Facebook now.

These expenses are sometimes a reason why the group is no longer growing as quickly as in the past six years. For 2019 Facebook Finance chief David Wehner expects that the growth will continue to slow.