In his own TV format on the Russian state broadcaster “Rossiya 1”, the well-known Putin supporter Vladimir Solovyov publicly railed against the German Minister of State for Culture, Claudia Roth. A one and a half minute video recording is currently circulating on Twitter, in which the presenter addresses his talk show guests, but also the television audience.

In the program “Wetscher’s Wladimirom Solowjowym” (in English: “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”), a video excerpt is first shown in which the 67-year-old politician is on a state visit to the Ukrainian capital Odessa. Roth holds up a stamp that has become a symbol of the Ukrainian resistance and is now a collector’s item.

The motif shows a Ukrainian soldier showing the middle finger to a Russian warship. The background story of this motif went viral on social media: When the Russian warship “Moskva” attacked the Ukrainian Snake Island in February and asked the soldiers to surrender, one of the border guards is said to have replied “ you”. In the video shown, Claudia Roth picks up on this story and points to the stamp “This is russia. And this is you.”

After the excerpt shown, the presenter Solovyov turns back to his guests: “This is the German Minister of Culture! And you think (…) we should talk to them about anything?” Finally he sums it up: “She told us all: you”.

The Putin supporter is more specific: “And what should we do now? Raise the dust from the Teutonic graves once more with the thundering march of Soviet boots?” Vladimir Solovyov is presumably alluding to the end of World War II in 1945, while at the same time bringing up a possible invasion of Germany by the Russian army.

The video excerpt published on Twitter, on the other hand, ends with an image of German tanks being sent “to the East” and soon “to be trampling on Russian soil again”. The moderator Vladimir Solovyov is described by critics as one of the most important propagandists of the Kremlin.