ARCHIV - 20.07.2022, Bayern, Bayreuth: Ein städtischer Mitarbeiter bewässert die Grünfläche vor dem Festspielhaus vor Beginn der Bayreuther Festspiele. (zu dpa 35 Grad, «Tristan» und #Metoo: In Bayreuth beginnen die Festspiele) Foto: Daniel Vogl/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating allegations of sexism at the Bayreuth Festival. “The investigation was initiated ex officio due to media reports,” said a spokesman for the Bayreuth public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, confirming media reports. “The procedure is currently not against a specific person, but against unknown persons.” A criminal complaint has not yet been filed, said the spokesman.

In the “North Bavarian Kurier” women had reported anonymously in the past week that they had been touched on the Green Hill or had to listen to sexual innuendos. Festival boss Wagner confirmed that she was also affected: “Sexual innuendos and sometimes assaults in a way, yes,” she told the German Press Agency. “But I knew how to fight back.” She added that she “acted very, very clearly”.

She was “shocked” by reports of assaults, insults and insinuations, Wagner said. The festival announced the consequences. “These are outrageous accusations,” said the chairman of the board of directors, Georg von Waldenfels. There is “no mistake at all that we will pursue this with all seriousness and intransigence”.