(Quebec) Taxpayer money should not be used to finance activities featuring drag queens, believes Éric Duhaime.

The Conservative leader made these remarks at a press conference in Quebec City on Thursday. He was reacting to a recent unanimous motion from the National Assembly that defended drag queens.

The motion stressed that drag queens should not, under any circumstances, face violent insults, intolerance and hatred for their participation in the reading of children’s stories.

Last Sunday, the City of Sainte-Catherine had to move the location of a reading of children’s stories, given by the drag queen Barbada, due to the presence of demonstrators who opposed such an activity.

According to Mr. Duhaime, the state simply should not “interfere” in this debate.

“It’s a question that is moral, it’s burlesque, it can even be vulgar, drag queens, in any case, me the shows I saw, that was it,” he said. affirmed.

Asked whether drag activities should be banned from public places, such as schools and libraries, Duhaime said they should not be publicly funded.