CSU-Chef Markus Söder continues against the previous property tax plans of the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD), and confirmed media reports that the concept is not in the departmental vote. “Without Bavaria and the CSU, there is no new property tax. From. The feast is,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister on the sidelines of an Eastern Europe trip in Sofia. “It is not just in the Grand coalition, of course, that a draft is not coming to the Cabinet, if the CSU agrees to a project.” The suggestion of Scholz will not be so law.

Before the image was reported by the newspaper that the Chancellery had stopped the draft law of Scholz to the property tax – what is the Federal Ministry of Finance. As a spokesman said, was initiated by the inter-Ministerial consultations “for some time”. Moreover, had always been clear that the Cabinet would only deal after a consultation of Experts on a possible opening clause. This hearing will now come on Friday week, also with the participation of several state Ministers to take place. After that, the speaker, the draft law to the Cabinet.

clause without amendment to the Constitution, says Söder

According to the plans of Scholz to the calculation of the basic tax in the future, especially the value of the soil and the average rent play a role. Bavaria, but a model in which the amount of Tax is oriented flat to the surface want. The state government in Munich, also calls for a “generous, far-reaching länder opening clause,” as it was formulated by Prime Minister Söder now. According to him, legal experts Bavaria and the CSU had come-led Federal Ministry of the interior to the conclusion that this is, without a fundamental change in the law.

Söder also confirmed the date at the end of next week. According to the report of the Bild-Zeitung, Scholz wants to discuss with his country colleagues from Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate with his plans. On the legal difficulties and possibilities of a possible opening-up of clause four constitutional experts to clarify.

A revision must be to the end of the year. This had determined the Federal constitutional court, after it rejected the date for the calculation used unit values. Above all, the local authorities had put up a fight against a recalculation, for fear of losing a large part of their revenue. The tax is to them alone, every year you can count with around 14 billion euros.