(London) Prince Harry appeared again in British justice in London on Thursday, on the fourth and final day of hearings devoted to a procedure launched by the youngest son of King Charles III and other celebrities accusing the tabloid Daily Illegal information collection mail.

At the High Court in London, Judge Matthew Nicklin indicated that he would give his decision at a later date. The issue of this hearing is whether or not to hold a trial in this case where the plaintiffs, among whom are also the singer Elton John or the actress Liz Hurley, are suing the publisher of the Daily Mail, accusing the newspaper of having resorted to illicit eavesdropping or private detectives.

The 38-year-old prince, who recently opened up about his notoriously difficult relationship with the rest of the British royal family, caused a stir on Monday by appearing in person at the High Court in London.

At war with the tabloids, Prince Harry holds the tabloid press responsible for the death of his mother Diana in 1997 in a car accident in Paris, pursued by the paparazzi, and denounces the treatment by the British newspapers of his wife Meghan Markle , with whom he filed several lawsuits against the media.

In these proceedings, Harry and the other plaintiffs claim that the publisher of the Daily Mail commissioned 19 private investigators to carry out a series of unlawful acts between 1993 and 2011 and even beyond.

The publisher meanwhile denounces accusations “without any credible evidence”.

The British tabloid press was shaken about ten years ago by several scandals of illegal wiretapping practiced from the beginning of the 2000s.

Harry’s visit to the UK comes just over a month before the king’s coronation on May 6. Exiled to the United States after crashing out of the monarchy in 2020, Harry and his wife have been invited to the ceremony, but have not yet publicly announced whether they will honor the invitation.

After a documentary aired on Netflix in December, Harry released his controversial memoir The Substitute in early January, in which he details his broken relationship with his father and brother William.