Markus Söder is one of the most influential politicians in Germany. Above all, his role as CSU boss within the Union is often a topic of conversation. He always causes controversy with his political positions.

Markus Söder, the Bavarian Prime Minister and chairman of the CSU, has taken a clear position in various political areas. His attitude is often conservative and emphasizes Bavarian values ​​and traditions. Here are some of his key policy positions.

Söder advocated strict measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. He supported comprehensive lockdowns, called for mandatory vaccination and advocated cautious easing of restrictions to keep the pandemic under control and protect the health of the population.

Söder is pursuing a strict course in migration policy. He calls for the consistent repatriation of rejected asylum seekers, criticized the welcoming culture promoted by Angela Merkel and relies on stricter border controls to regulate immigration and ensure security.

Söder supports the expansion of renewable energies, especially wind and solar energy, and sees nuclear power as a necessary bridging technology to secure energy supplies. At the same time, he emphasizes ambitious climate goals and measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Söder attaches great importance to Bavaria’s economic strength. It promotes innovation and investment in technology and industry and emphasizes the importance of a stable and growing labor market. At the same time, he is committed to providing strong support for companies during the Corona crisis.

In education policy, Söder relies on investments in schools and universities in order to improve the quality of education and strengthen Bavaria as an educational location. He also supports measures for the digital transformation of the education system

In addition to his political positions, Markus Söder has also become known through several controversies. Here are five of the biggest political controversies that have accompanied him in recent years:

Strict lockdown measures during the corona pandemic

Söder’s strict lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic led to massive criticism from business representatives and citizens who criticized the economic and social effects. The measures were seen as necessary to protect health, but were also criticized as excessive and economically damaging.

Crucifixion Decree (2018)

The order to hang crosses in all state offices in Bavaria was seen as an attempt to attract conservative voters and was met with widespread criticism. Opponents saw this as a violation of the separation of church and state and an instrumentalization of religious symbols for political purposes.

Rivalry with Horst Seehofer

The power struggle with his predecessor Horst Seehofer led to considerable tension and split the CSU. Söder finally managed to take over the leadership of the party, but this was not without internal conflicts.

Use of nuclear power

Söder’s support for nuclear power as a transition technology has been heavily criticized, particularly by environmentalists and the Green Party. This position was extremely controversial, especially in a country like Germany that has committed to phasing out nuclear power

Candidacy for Chancellor 2021

Söder’s fight for the Union’s candidacy for chancellor against Armin Laschet caused considerable tension and divided the CDU/CSU supporters. Many saw Söder as the stronger candidate, but Laschet ultimately prevailed. However, Söder repeatedly attacked Laschet, which contributed to the historic election debacle.