Basketball, It could just be that the players of the Miami Heat and soon to be on their side, and play in a stadium that bears the name of a producer of porn videos.

BangBros, a company based in Miami, has a $ 10 million budget given to the name of the hall is to be made. The home of the Miami Heat is the name of American Airlines, and the contract of the carrier expires next year.American Airlines has dominated since the opening of the basketball gym of Miami in 2009 and, as the name on the façade of the building. The company would be the expiring contract and does not wish to renew it.

According to the American media to pay American Airlines an annual $ 2 million. BangBros now offers five times more.“Miami is known for many things: the South Beach, the beautiful women, and sports teams like the Miami Heat. Miami is also known for BangBros,” he writes in the pornoproducent. “It would have been great for the Miami Heat, and BangBros put together a sponsorship deal.”The company shall, to the stadium, then BangBros Center, to name a few: BBC. It is unlikely that both of the Miami as the NBA’s offer into serious consideration for the first time.

The basketball team from Florida, it was established in 2006, 2012 and 2013 and the champion of the national basketball association (NBA. In those glory years, played Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Heat. This past season, knew the band from Florida, it may not even be in the play-offs.