The activists of the “Last Generation” block traffic in Berlin again. As early as Friday morning, they were stuck in several places on the city highway, as the group announced on Friday.

“A100 sealed for the third time this week,” tweeted the climate protectors, speaking of six places in Berlin where they were active. They justified this by saying that there had been no reaction from Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) so far. Under the motto “save oil instead of drilling”, the Scholz activist group is calling for new oil drilling to be stopped in the North Sea.

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According to the police, the exits Kaiserdamm, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm corner Heckerdamm and the Spandauer-Damm-bridge were affected since shortly after eight o’clock.

Initially, however, there was no information on the number of demonstrators and the nature of the protest. The extent of the resulting traffic jams and delays also initially remained open.

This time, two children were among the highway blockers, the announcement of the protests said. Around noon, the group reported that police had cleared the children from the A100 carriageway.

12-year-old Simeon said he was afraid his future and the future of all the children would be “really bad”. “I’m afraid that the adults, for example the chancellor, who should actually do everything to protect my future, don’t really understand how bad the climate catastrophe actually is, and therefore don’t do what is necessary.”

According to the group, 15-year-old Rebekka was already active in Fridays for Future. But that had little effect, she is quoted as saying. “That means I have no choice but to take to the streets now and actively disrupt to just bring about this change that we all need very badly,” she said.

The police union also reported the blockades via Twitter. “Of course, our colleagues have some cooking oil with them and would be happy if representatives of the rule of law distance themselves from these crimes,” commented press spokesman Benjamin Jendro. District Mayor Clara Herrmann signaled solidarity with the climate protectors on Thursday.

The climate protection initiative had blocked motorway exits and roads in Berlin and other cities in the past few months. Now she called for a central week of action in Berlin.

The activists blocked freeways again on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday they smeared black paint on a wall of the Federal Chancellery. On Thursday there was a large sit-in at a central intersection in Berlin-Friedrichshain.