Livios, Do-it-yourselfers will be pleased to see to their own plumbing on their hands. Therefore, it is relatively easy to get tilet, sink, or shower to install it. But still, it’s done a lot of things go wrong with plumbing work. Rob Van den Eynde van zelfbouwfirma Easykit says aanbouwsite Livioswelke are five mistakes you absolutely must avoid. Problem 1: too great a distance between your water heater and your tap

“From the time that you faucet is opened, begintje instantaneous water heater or a boilermeteen hot water supply. But at this moment in time, there’s cool water in the pipes. Thus, the longer the pipes, the more water needs to flow before hot water. It is, therefore, important that the distance between the water heater and taps as small as possible”, explains Van den Eynde on.Is your boiler on the floor and your bathroom is on the ground floor? Then, you will have the freedom to take a long time before you get hot water. If the distance between the two points is more than ten meters, don’t waste unnecessary energy and water.

don’t forget!

Place your water heater in a central location. It doesn’t matter whether the water is up or down, it should be ok. It has no bearing on your warmwatercomfort. The length of the pipes though.

– did you Know that a vaatwasmachinezelf hot water? In the kitchen, you have to basically just barely warm water. It takes too long before the hot water gets? Then you can have a small electric heater helped bring about.

It is a binnenkopper, maarje the boiler belongs within the insulated building envelope.

Mistake 2: lack of flow is with

as with the kitchen, the bathroom has become much more than just a functional space. We have a lot more to the comfort of our en suite bathroom. And this is what we need, a sanitary installation, additional features, warns van den Eynde: “Your water heater should be sure to have the required capacity (number of litres per minute-ed.) ability to keep up. Do you want to have a large walk-in shower with five jets and a large bath tub? You should take the appropriate provisions. You don’t want your rainfall showerhead is limited to some modest light?”

be A correct assessment of your flow rate, it is even more important if you have two bathrooms you have. “To get food for long enough at the same time, with warm water is sufficient for ordinary instantaneous water heater is not. Then tap on a heavier bike in the head. Most of the brands are now designed around them. They get a lower capacity for heat, we insulate more and keep what’s left for you to domestic hot water as well.”

don’t forget!

– Renoveer you? It is possible that the supply to your shower is not wide enough. “Standaardtoevoerleidingen for showers, with a diameter of 16 mm. Do you want to get a shower with plenty of water and use a water main of 20 mm is recommended by Roel Van den Eynde on.

-source heat Pump or a solar hot water system? Don’t worry about the lack of hot water. With the correct sizing, you don’t have any problems to be expected. Two factors are important here: the voice’s power to the number of people in the house, and the number of taps.