Anderlecht, after the disaster at the Three remains in Anderlecht, hoping for a catch-up for the play-off’s 1. Against his better judgment? In the history of the play-offs have turned out to be a gap of six percentage points in the number six and after twelve days will never be bridged. A challenge is spoken.

Day thirteen-today is already kicked off, but the center of gravity, it follows the future leader for Club Brugge in the Belgium Countryside, and close on Thursday with a beautiful poster for the Anderlecht – AA Gent. For the purple-and-white, it seems to be yet another of the crucial trial of strength in the desired practices.

be The change appeared with the introduction of Franky Vercauteren as coach, and a six-on-six, is already used to, but it’s on the level Three and turned the clock all the way back. Anderlecht are believed, however, firm in his ambition to be a play-off with 1, but with the current state of affairs seems to be that, to turn out a great disappointment.