After two crashes of Boeing aircraft type 737 Max 8 in less than half a year, the US has problems with other Software. This had not been noted in the Review of the controversial control program, MCAS, were in direct connection therewith, said Boeing in the night on Friday. Previously the Washington Post had reported that the US aviation authority FAA have objected to the new Problem. As long as it is not solved, not to be lifted, the start prohibition for Boeing’s misfortune pilots of the Boeing 737 Max series.

The newspaper wrote, citing two of the FAA investigation, familiar sources, that the Problem will be classified as critical for flight safety. Boeing described it, however, as a “relatively minor matter” that will fix the group along with the MCAS-Update. “We already have a solution in work”, – was stated in the opinion of the group. In the “coming weeks” will be the Update to the extent that it could be submitted to the FAA for certification. Boeing was pursuing a “comprehensive, disciplined approach, to do it right”.

Boeing chief Software problems to

CEO Dennis Muilenburg had admitted to problems with the control software used. The preliminary investigation report suggests that the wrong sensor would have taken care of data to ensure that the program was unnecessarily switched on, said Muilenburg on Thursday. Thus, the theory is that a software error corrected in the machine direction of the floor is supported from the top Group.

The much-awaited MCAS-Update will ensure that accidents such as in Ethiopia and Indonesia “will never happen again,” said Boeing chief Muilenburg. So far, the aircraft manufacturer had denied that the MCAS Software is a security risk. Shortly before Muilenburgs opinion, the group had promised, though, that pilots will in future always have the possibility of the automatic to turn off and switch to manual control.

especially for the fuel-efficient Max-new edition of Boeing’s 737-series, developed MCAS program is supposed to ensure, to correct in certain flight situations, such as in the case of a too steep rise of the Jets – automatically the flight angle. But so far, the accident reports indicate that the System has been enabled at the time of the crash due to incorrect sensor data incorrectly – with fatal consequences.

The Crash of the Lion Air in Indonesia by the end of October, the on Board computer should have pushed the nose of the Boeing 737 Max 8 because of the MCAS-malfunction automatically again and again to the bottom, while the Crew to counteract tried. A similar scenario is also applicable to the Ethiopian-Airlines-crash on 10. March as probable. A total of 346 people died in the accidents.